Do You Want to Invest in Property Without Affecting Your Personal Cash Flow?
How One of Australia’s Top Property Experts Can Help You Create A Property Portfolio
That Could Replace Your Income And
Allows You To Retire Earlier
And the GOOD NEWS is you can get started today, and get my personal help, when you book a 30 minute no-obligation phone call with me right now.
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From the Desk of
Niro Thambipillay
Founder and Author
Dear friend,

If you’ve ever wished someone would help you find the right investment property in a high growth location that is easy to get rented and where the rents are so high that you're not out of pocket each and every month, then this could be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s why.

My name is Niro Thambipillay from Investment Rise here in Sydney. My sole aim is about one thing and one thing only…and that is to…

Help my clients build a property portfolio so they can achieve their financial goals faster (and easier) without working harder! And I’ve been doing this successfully for the past 17 years.

Now it’s your turn.

That’s because today, I want to offer you a 30 minute no-obligation call with me. This is where we can discuss your property investing options, I can point you to opportunities, and I can give you some good advice so you can make the right choices.

And what’s even better, if you’re one of the next 8 people who make your booking this week, you get to save 34.9%

And I’ll tell you more about the call and your generous saving in a moment …

But first…

Let me ask you…

Does finding property that offers you both positive cash flow
and capital growth sound too good to be true?

That’s what these people thought too…
“We thought it was too late to start investing in our 50s but to now have 3 investment properties is amazing. Our personal mortgage has now disappeared and we’re now able to travel and enjoy life! We never thought that would happen to us. We are so happy with Niro that we recommended him to our kids… and now our oldest has 2 investment properties as well. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet him earlier!”
Mr and Mrs Fernandes, Stanhope Gardens
“I had one negatively geared property when I met Niro. We now have 4 investment properties and with the positive cash flow and extra equity we have, I don’t have to worry if I lose my job.” 
G. Mukesh, Bella Vista
“If anyone had said that we could buy 5 investment properties in 6 years, pay off our significant mortgage and now be in a position where we can retire whenever we want, I’d have said they must have been smoking something. Yet, that’s exactly what we’ve achieved, and I don’t know how we did it. We met with so many others but something about Niro made us feel that we could trust him and we’ve achieved results beyond anything we could have imagined.” 
Mr and Mrs Andersen, Manly
As you can see, they thought it was impossible but they soon realized you can have positive cash flow and capital growth too!

Want to Know How We Do It? 
It all comes down to our unique 5 step process that we’ve developed based on my 17 years of property investing experience. 
1. Unemotional Nationwide Market Analysis

At Investment Rise, we’re constantly analysing the different markets around Australia.

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is they stick to the areas they feel they know or they feel comfortable with.

What that means is they can either drive by the property or they have lived in an area before and they want to stick to those markets.

Unfortunately, those markets may not be the ones that are going to offer the best chances of capital growth.

Think about it…

Will your ability to drive past the property help it rise in value?

Or stop it from falling in value?

You and I both know the answer… but the question then is how do you find the best areas to invest in property?

How do you do your research and ensure you don’t make a mistake?

After all, you’re already busy enough at work and with your personal lives.

And spending late nights on Youtube or Real estate websites isn’t always going to give you accurate answers.

That’s why at Investment Rise, we do all the research for you and present you with the facts and figures so you can make the best decision for yourself.
2. Independent and Personalised Strategic Guidance

Today, almost everyone has an opinion on where you should invest and what you should buy.

Sometimes, it could be family and friends who think they know best – but may not have sufficient experience to guide you.

For example, there were many who said not to buy an investment property in Sydney in 2012 because the Sydney market had been flat for years, prices were too high already and that…

“investing in property” was too risky.

Their hearts might have in the right place but unfortunately their advice wasn’t. And those who listened missed out on making hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital gain.

At other times, it could be someone who is trying to sell you something.

There’s nothing wrong with that but if that person only has access to a limited range of properties or is aligned with a particular developer or vendor, you may not be getting impartial advice.

At Investment Rise, we are totally independent and non-biased.

We can access properties almost anywhere in Australia and have access to the latest up-to-date information to ensure you’re getting the best option to meet your financial goals.
3. Leapfrogging ($66.2 Million Worth of Property Can’t Be Wrong)

There are so many out there who will happily try to “advise” you or “sell” you an investment property.

Yet, most of them have virtually zero investment experience.

When you book your phone consult with me, you get to talk to someone who’s been investing for 19 years. (You don’t speak to some naïve telemarketer who reads from some pre-prepared script!)

In addition, I have also helped our Investment Rise members purchase over $66.2 Million worth of investment property.

And the reason many of our members have been so successful is that I believe

“each property you buy, should be a stepping-stone to the next one.”

That means we need to consider such things as
  • Capital growth potential
  • ​The cash flow profile of each property and
  • How to optimise your borrowing capacity
It is NOT about just finding out that you have the borrowing capacity for say $800,000 and then finding you something for $800,000.

That could cost you dearly in the long run.

Unfortunately, that’s what most people do and that’s why over 80% of property investors only end up with ONE investment property.

And let’s face it…

Having just one investment property, as good as it is, isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, our unique Leapfrog strategy helps you find the right properties that you can then leapfrog off to create a property portfolio that will help you achieve your financial goals.
4. End-To-End Service

We understand that you’re busy and you’re looking for someone who can take care of the whole end-to-end process for you.

And that’s what we do.

We source the property for you, in line with your current situation and your own goals.
We handle the price negotiation on your behalf

And we help you get the property rented out.

Our aim is to help you grow your property portfolio without you needing to take much time out of your busy schedule.
5. Rental Market Research

Part of our philosophy is that, it does not matter about how good the capital growth potential is, if you can’t get the property rented out…

Or if you have to drop you rent…

Then it’s going to negatively impact on your property investing potential!

We want to ensure that you only buy in areas where the rent virtually covers the mortgage (there might be a small shortfall in some cases but nothing more than about $3 a day)
And we want to ensure that you only buy in areas where your property is easy to rent.
On average, our clients’ properties rent within 2 weeks of coming on the market
but it’s often far sooner than that!
Many have had their properties rented within 1 to 4 days.
  • Sandeep from Baulkham Hills, Sydney had his property rented within 3 days.  
  • Kerry from Bendigo, Victoria had his property rented within 2 days
  • Nathan from Brisbane had his property rented within just 1 day. 
Of course, I can’t guarantee your property will rent that fast… but it is highly likely. 

The net results of these 5 things is that you effortlessly get an investment property in a market with great growth potential. 

That gets rented quickly.
Now It’s Your Turn…
If you want to find out how we get such great results for our clients, it all begins with a 30 minute no-obligation phone call with me.

On the call, you’ll discover…
  • Where to find properties that offer you BOTH capital growth AND positive cash flow so your lifestyle isn’t impacted….

    Best Part: You could even use the positive cash flow from the investment properties to pay off your personal mortgage faster.

  • How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes first time property investors are making in 2022… and what to do instead. 

    Making just one of these mistakes could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. (Sorry to be blunt but that’s what it could easily cost you if you don’t book your personal phone consult with me.)

  • How to take advantage of the current property market in 2022 (Hint: This could be your best chance at setting yourself up for a life of freedom and financial security in the coming years)

  • ​Plus so much more…
As you can see, your 30 minute phone consult is jam-packed full of value. And you can rest easy as there is absolutely no-obligation.

But what happens after the call?

Well that’s totally up to you.

As I said, there is no obligation at all. I promise to offer you so much value on the call that you could choose to take the solutions I offer and then continue to do everything on your own.

Or you could choose to take on some of our other services.

The choice is yours.

But don’t for a moment think this 30-minute call will be blatant sales pitch.

In fact, here’s what some others said about the 30 Minute Phone Consult….
Experience, Expertise and Integrity - A Rare Mix In This Field

"As an active and experienced investor, I actually spoke to Niro about getting his help to grow my portfolio. Yet, surprisingly he turned me down. Instead, he went through my strategy in great detail, helped me avoid some mistakes that could have hurt me and gave me crystal clear clarity on what I should do next. And since I already had the networks and experience, he said that I wouldn't need any of his services. Not only does he know his stuff, he clearly has a level of integrity that is rare in this industry."
Vinny Reddy, Melbourne
From Confusion to Clarity In One Session

"Before speaking to Niro, even though I had been investing for a while, I was quite confused about what the next step was to grow my portfolio. In our strategy session, Niro talked me through all the options and I came away knowing exactly what I needed to do next. As I continue to grow my portfolio, I'll be leaning on Niro to continue to point me in the right direction."
Nimrat Judge, Melbourne
"I was surprised but Niro actually suggested I don't buy a property through him (even though I could easily afford it). Instead, he recommended that I pursue a strategy that was suitable for my unique situation, that would be far more profitable for me. His integrity and strategic insight is unlike anything I've seen before"
Perth, WA
"I've been through a lot of the Australian property investing material online, none of it comes close to Niro's content. We had an appointment on the phone, and it turns out for my situation the timing isn't right at present. However I really liked how genuine he was to help me on my investing journey and didn't try to sell me a course or anything. We talked macro and micro economic forces that are in play and I've gotta say his fundamental analysis is on point. I can't seem to fault his algorithm for property investing. It's a robust mix of first and information from the trenches of real estate agents to his own formal analysis of the current macro-economic picture. It's guys like Niro you need to listen to if you want capital growth, not your uncle or your cousin."
Frank Mante
Registered Nurse
Northern Territory
I had lots of different ideas about property investing but I didn't know what was right for me. Thankfully, on the call, Niro was able to show me exactly how to achieve my property goals. His property insights and strategic guidance is second to none.
Yee Wong, Tasmania
So How Much Does This Cost Niro?
Our normal charge for an initial consult is $149.00. 


Right now, for a limited time...

If you’re one of the next 8 people who make your booking this week,

You can get your phone consult at the discounted rate of $97.

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I’m looking forward to hearing about where you are in your property investing journey and how I can assist you to make the journey easier.
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